Students, feel free to use this discussion board to ask your peers for help as well as offer it to them. Or, if you so choose, you are more than welcome to discuss things we covered in class with your peers.

When asking a question, create a new topic and fill out the subject box so your peers know what the discussion topic is about.

Also, as an added incentive, posting here will count towards your participation and citizenship grade if you do not feel comfortable speaking up in class.

With regards to asking for help:
Do not ask questions such as, "What is the answer to #5 of the homework today?"; I will be monitoring this board and questions such as those will be considered an act of cheating. However, it is perfectly acceptable to ask questions about assignment instructions you do not understand, concepts covered in class, or vocabulary you are unsure of.

Other comments about the discussion board:
Lastly, classroom rules apply to the discussion board. Do not use inappropriate language or insult your classmates. I do not want to see any students misusing the discussion board. Doing so will result in the loss of privileges and corrective actions.